28 January 2018

Thick and fast

Tons is coming out of the patch.  Turnips, carrots, lettuce, etc. 

New into the patch today was lettuces, silver beet and basil. 

13 January 2018

Nearly 1KG peas

Here they are before being removed from their pods. The hole it created has been filled with broccoli. The other hole will be replaced with spinach.  

Also, into the patch went more radishes and they oyster lettuce.

09 January 2018

More radishes 

Planted 3 rows of radishes and the oyster lettuce. 

07 January 2018

Cauliflower went to seed

The cauliflower flowered and went to seed while I was away on holiday - so they have been replaced with fresh from the store. 

Peas are ready for harvesting. 

Radishes need replacing.

Started to harvest lettuces and they're good ones. 

03 December 2017

Broccoli no good

The broccoli flowered and the stalks were all woody so they have been excised and replaced with seedlings from the store. The brassica patch fully weeded and the whole patch watered. 

27 November 2017

Peas flowering

Flowering peas. Lettuces planted into the patch. Radishes turning red. All

Planted Miners Lettuce directly into the patch along with Minutia Lettuce and Arugula. Summer queen lettuces from pots germinated inside. Carrots have germinated.

24 October 2017

Not much happened

Didnt get much done over the weekend due to deconstruction of old chicken run and weather, but sewed more lettuces and got 3 squash into the patch. Tomatoes are starting to flower. Must get seeds into the patch real soon, as the year is getting on a bit.